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White Crystal Sugar

This sugar is sparkling white, pure, manufactured without any toxic chemicals. white sugar has been moving in large quantities to neighboring countries, Middle East and Far East. Our tie-ups are with all the major and reliable sugar mills in India, thus assuring you of the best quality at the most competitive price.


”Pearl” sugar is categorised in three different categories based on crystal size: small, medium and large. We produce sugar of following grades:-

  • L-31, M-31, S-31, L-30, M-30 and S-30 out of which maximum production is of 30 colour sugar.
  • Sugar grading is done for colour and grain size. Sugar produced is regularly matched with N.S.I. standards
Sugar is used not only as a constituent in foods produced at home & industrially produced foods.

Sugar Quality:

The polarisation of sugar produced is 99.8%. The Icumsa (color value ) of sugar, one of the main quality criteria, is around 75 units (by method 10) The bolder variety of sugar produced and marketed as M30 (around 1.2 mm size) commands a premium in the Indian /Overseas Market. We have been regular exporters of sugar to other countries over the last decade


”Pearl” branded Sugar is known for its high quality, hygiene and good taste. Sugar manufacturing process at our partner plants takes place under strict quality control measures and produced sugar is nowhere touched by hands. We are always among the first to adopt latest equipment and technology to ensure that our product quality is nothing but the best. “PEARL” sugar is crystal clear and is known to be sweeter and healthier than many other sugar brands.

grown more than 3 times by the end of the season ending 30th September 2006.

Specification :  
Season : 2006-07
ICUMSA : 100 /150 Max.
Polarisation : 99.8 Degrees Min.
Moisture  : 0.08 % Max