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Rice is one of the major food constituents in South East Asian region. We M/s Prabhat Udyog  have pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of leading Exporters of Indian Rice both Basmati as well Non-Basmati Rice in container as well bulk vessel at internationally competitive and acceptable prices.  As India is one of the major rice producer with varied qualities and characteristics.

At Prabhat Udyog, we have the right kind of sources and contacts to procure the best quality at most competitive rate. We have well established sourcing and own production mill set ups and stock of many varieties of rice is readily available at ports where we have our warehouses for faster delivery.

Please feel free to send your valuable demand for supply to your company or any third country. Below we are giving some of the rice varieties we can supply.

Indian Rice Varieties

1. Indian Basmati Rice (Raw and sella)

A) Basmati Rice Supreme Grade Quality
B) Basmati Rice Grade A, B, C
C) Basmati 1121
D) Basmati Rice Pusa
E) Basmati Rice Sharbati
F) Basmati Rice Parboiled Creamy, Golden, Brown
G) Basmati Sugandha

2. Indian Non-Basmati Rice Raw and Parboiled

A) PR-106
B) PR-11
C) IR-64
D) IR-8
E) IR-36
G) Indian Long Grain White Rice / Parboiled
H) Indian Medium Grain White Rice / Parboiled
I) Indian Short Grain White Rice / Parboiled

Specification Standards:

Broken    :     5% , 10% , 15% , 20% , 25% , 50% , 100% .

Packing   :    10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 100kg in Jute, and PP Bags.

Quantity: 1X 20 FCL (21 MT)  to  50, 00 MT Min  in container as well as bulk vessel.

We can also supply in your Brand Name as per Logo provided.