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Prabhat Udyog offers range of food ingredients for the food processing industry with a special focus on the dairy, desserts & ice-creams, bakery, confectionery and nutritional segments.

India is the world's largest producer of milk. Indian milk is also quite cost competitive. Prabhat Udyog markets the best of Indian dairy products, All our dairy products are made from cow milk and are manufactured in plants certified by ISO 9001 and HACCP.

We are a professionally managed manufacturers and exporters of dairy products, engaged in processing fresh, tasty, nutritious and hygenic Milk Products. We specialise in processing Kulfi (Solid Indian Ice Cream), Pure Ghee, Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Flavored Yogurt, Curds, and many more to be introduced shortly.

Milk products in the form of ghee, butter, paneer, etc. have always been an important ingredient for the Indian cooking, to enhance the taste of any particular dish. Milk is a white opaque fluid. The various constituent of milk are water, fat, lactose, casein (proteins), albumin, globulin, minerals (calcium), vitamin A, D, E and many more. Used alone or in a combined together, milk foods like butter, cheese and yogurt are both nutritious and versatile; provided they are systematically processed, stored and packed.

PMF is floated by team of pioneers from reputed dairy industries and cattle farm owners, joined together to produce the best products from their farm fresh and hygienic milk.

Our Products
We offer various milk products available in different tastes, flavors, packing and price range.

Our product range includes:

Kulfi ( Solid Indian Ice-cream / desserts ) - Kulfi wildly know as solid Indian ice cream, is a premium quality nutritious frozen dessert. Unlike Ice cream it does not contain AIR, as it is simply solid, silky, and smooth. The rich flavor is a result of natural ingredients, real fruit pulp, wholesome rich and creamy milk and not essence. Available in several natural flavors, in cone, slice and bulk rolls.

Not to forget it retains all the rich properties of pure milk. A novel idea to suppliment milk, for milk avoiders, providing substantial amount of calcium, necessary for building healthy bones and teeth

Pure Ghee (Clarified Semi-fluid Butter) - It is produced from our farm fresh wholesome buffalo milk, blessed with typical rich aroma and granular texture. Available in hygienically packed 1 kg tins and in bulk. Tailor-made packing available for orders in large.

Paneer (Delicate Cottage Cheese / Unriped Cheese) - It is an extraordinary source of proteins, nutrients in a vegetarian diet. Made by curdling fresh milk, its versatile dairy product used in making of sweets, snacks, chinees, vegetables and several mouth watering dishes.

Yogurt - Yogurt is rich in potassium, calcium, proteins & B-vitamins, including B-12. It strengthens and stabilizes the immune system, and has medical properties. The process of growth from milk to yogurt involves the conversion into lacti acid. Available in various flavours.

Team & Quality
PMF has a team of carefully selected well-experienced technician from the best in dairy industry. The blend and multifarious expertise of our technicians ensures application of hygienic techniques in processing , helping us to win customers delight. Our plant and machinery are ISO complaint.

Our quality control lay special emphasis on the pasteurization, refrigeration, packaging and regular testing of inputs and finished products, to ensure safe and healthy products.

Why We?
Our products are EGG and Gelatine free meeting international standards of quality. All products are processed form our in-house farm fresh wholesome milk of healthy animals. Additional quantity is sourced from local cattle farm owners. Samples regularly drawn and tested by our in-house laboratory, equipped with sophisticated computerized instruments.

Yoghurt or yogurt, less commonly Yoghurt, jog hurt or yogurts, is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Any sort of milk may be used to make yoghurt, but modern production is dominated by cow's milk. It is the fermentation of milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid that gives yoghurt its gel-like texture and characteristic tang. It is often sold in a fruit, vanilla, or chocolate flavour, but can also be unflavoured. Offered in different flavors as Strawberry, Raspberry, etc. We have a ready buyer.Major target is Africa. Incase if you can source for a good supplier we can get going.