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» Cashew Nuts....
» Milk Products
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» Mango & Mango Pulp
» Tea
» Jute / Plastic Bags
» Rice
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» Medical And Other Equipments
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The company specializes in sourcing, procurement, and export of diverse range of products, equipment and services. We also participate in World Tenders and with a vast experience in sourcing we have many tenders to our credit, locally and internationally.

Educational & Scientific:

Educational Equipment (from primary to university level needs), Laboratory equipment (autoclaves, ovens, sterilizers, refrigerators, safety cabinets, centrifuges, balances, microscopes, melting point apparatus, etc), Analytical and scientific Instruments (HPLC, GC, AAS, UV-SPECTROTOMETER, ANALYZERS), Laboratory & research chemicals, culture media, Educational Aids & Books.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Holloware, Diagnostic equipments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Hospital Disposables, Hospital Gas plants, Endoscopic Equipment & Instruments, Imaging systems, Radiology equipments, ICU Equipments, OT Theatre equipments, lights table,Hospital linen Hospital refrigerators, Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry equipments & Consumable, Pathology equipments & consumable, Blood bank equipments , OPD equipments, Opthalmic equipments, ENT equipment, Dermatology equipments, Nephrology equipment Cardiology equipment, Pediatric Neonalal equipments Hospital transportation vehicles, Cold chain equipments Hospital incinerators, Medical gas equipments, Hospital Sundries, Dental Equipments & Units, Micro Biology equipments, Diagnostic reagents and Pharmaceuticals


1 Transformers, Generators, Conductors, Transmission line Hardware, Cables, Jointing kits, Switch Gear / Electrical hardware, Panels, Energy meter & Panel mounted meters. Industrial Machines, Workshop Machines, Printing Machines, SPM, Packaging Machines, Textile Machines, Welding Machines, Agricultural Equipments, Pumps, Diesel Engines, Valves, Pipes and Fittings Process Equipment, Boilers, Furnaces, etc., Material Handling / Earth Moving / Garage Equipment, Raw Materials, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools. Testing & Measuring equipment, Office Equipment, Drawing instruments, Writing instruments, Survey Instruments, Audio Visual Equipment, Office Automation, Furniture Kitchen equipment, Laundry equipment, Home Appliances, Security / Safety equipment, Automotives, Vehicles

Information Technology:

Computer Hardware, Software products, Consultancy Projects, Networking (LAN/WAN),  Turnkey IT solutions.  Software development and software solutions for major govt and private bodies.

Food products :

We have participated in several tenders involving procurement and supply of food products like Rice, Sugar, Eggs , Biscuits, Mango and Mango pulp, Wheat, Maize and lot other products including Jute Sacking bags for coffee, beans, rice, etc and also HDPE and PP bags for govt tenders across the globe.