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The YT LI paper cup/glass forming machine is fully automatic machine with photo sensor detection, failure alarm and counting function. It is suitable for making one-side PE film coated paper cups/glasses. The activities involved are blank feeding, sealing, silicon-oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging. The machine is ideally suitable for the manufacturing of cups for tea, coffee, milk, ice cream etc.

Technical Specifications
Cup sizes 60 ml to 360 ml
Raw material Single side PE coated paper (140 to 320 grams per square meter)
Productivity 45-55 pieces/min
Power source 220V, 50 HZ
Power consumption 4 KW
Weight of the machine 1350 kg
Dimensions 2400mm X1200mm X 1780 mm (Length X Width X Height)

With operations panning the entire country, the machines can be installed within a very short time, irrespective of the region. Our well trained and experienced service team tends to the client’s service and maintenance requirement immediately, thereby minimizing the production breaks.

Paper Cups / Glasses
We supply paper cups & glasses for hot beverages to vending machines, corporate houses, private functions and large distributors. We also have the range for serving milk shakes, icecream & cold drinks.

We take pride in our quality, packaging, competitiveness and service. We always strive to go the extra mile in serving our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

The products can be custom designed to suit the occasion. Our cups are 100% recyclable and are made of superior material from ITC without compromising. Through a combination of low overheads, well sourced raw materials and cost effective production, we supply the market with products at highly competitive prices.

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