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Prabhat Udyog is a trusted name for delicious and high quality Gherkins exported to all major countries, throughout the world. The company has track record for consistently delivering high quality products on time.

We bring you Delicious Gherkins (Pickled Cucumbers) that add a unique flavor to your food.

We hand pick fresh gherkins from some of the best farms and clean them thoroughly. The pickling ingredients are then mixed in the right proportions in a hygienic atmosphere and we pack them in glass jars / barrels.

Quality and hygiene are our highest priorities and they are maintained at high levels throughout the stages of exports. Thus, each jar of pickle, not only tastes delectable, but also measures to the highest quality levels.

Product Uses: (Optional)
Slicing (fruit count 5/10 - 10/20)
Gherkins ( fruit count 30/40 to 180/220 )
Cornichons ( fruit count 160/300 )
Stackers ( fruit count 10/20 )
Banderillas ( fruit count 30/40 )
Relish production ( fruit count 20/160 )
In Pizzas  
Salad Bar  

The products of Prabhat Udyog:
Gherkins preserved in Brine.
Gherkins preserved in Vinegar.
Gherkins preserved in Acetic acid.

We also customise our product according to your required specifications like Gherkins fermented in Brine, preserved in Vinegar, Taladrados - Gherkins for stuffing with anchovies, sliced gherkins etc. The products are delivered in food grade plastic barrels.
The grades are based on 2 aspects
Length 1-3 centimeters, 3-6 centimeters, 6-9 centimeters, 9-12 centimeters,
Count per kilo
Typical grades are 10/20, 20/30, 30/60, 60/80, 80/120, 120/160, 160/300 and 300+.
Cargo specifications
Packed in food grade plastic barrels.
Sold on Basis of fruit count (number of fruits per kilo) or by diameter
( mm/inches ).
Usual packing 160kgs nett per barrel and 80 barrels per 20' continer.
80 barrels make one full container load (20 Feet FCL).
Drained weight per FCL
Gherkins preserved in Brine - 14,400 kgs.
Gherkins preserved in Vinegar / Acetic acid - 12,800 kgs.
Palletising :The cargo can be palletised for easy loading and unloading.

Quality Objectives:
The company ensures a quality end product by the following objectives and policies.
Ensure delivery of accurately graded and correct quality of processed Gherkins / vegetables to clients.
Strive for on time delivery of processed Gherkins to clients.
Continuous training and skill up gradation of the company's employees.
We are quality conscious manufacturer of processed Gherkins and vegetables for overseas markets
We shall strive to make the name Prabhat Udyog synonymous with high quality processed Gherkins and vegetables.
We shall rely on continuous skill development and a systems oriented work culture to achieve our long-term objectives.