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Glucose, Cream, Salted, Marie biscuits and cookies exported by us are manufactured from finest quality wheat and other ingredients. Our products maintain a fine balance between the taste and health of the consumers. They are so filling that, you can substitute them for breakfast, lunch or dinner or you could just enjoy them like a snack or dunk them in tea and eat.

Our Range
Our Range includes:
Energy Biscuits
Glucose Biscuits
Marie biscuits
Orange Cream biscuits
Milk Cream Biscuits
Coconut cookies
Crispy & Crunchy salted Biscuits

We impose strict standards on our suppliers, confirming with the health and environmental standards of the importing countries. All the manufacturers from whom we source are tested & certified for quality by the Govt agencies like FDA etc. Packing is carried out in a very hygienic and bacteria free environment.

All Statutory certifications like Health Certificate, Lab analysis etc are provided and any additional certificates required by the concerned Government Authorities can be obtained according to the requirement.
Our products come in 40g, 50g, 70g, 100g and 200g packaging. The number of biscuits in each pack depends on the variety (Glucose, salted, cream etc) and the type of packaging.

Packing of the products is done in a hygienic, germ free environment. The Biscuits are wrapped in FDA approved BOPP wrappers (single packing) and sealed carefully to avoid contamination. The cover of each packet is labeled with brand name and product specifications. All the packets carry production date, expiry date ,brand name, ingredients used and country of origin on the back cover. We specialize in supplying both standardized as well as customized packing according to the specifications of the importer.

The biscuit packets are placed in appropriate sized cartons and shipped in 40 feet containers. The no of cartons in each container varies with the packaging and variety of biscuits. Containers are well sealed to avoid damage or pilferage of goods. Typically a consignment takes 4 to 6 weeks to reach the importers’ port after receipt of a confirmed order.

“Our prices for the quality offered are unmatched”

We take utmost care in avoiding unnecessary costs and overheads, so the benefits are passed on to the customers who find our products very competitively priced.